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Event Planning Session: Return Cyan to the Cavern!

Over in the MOULa forums, Jamie Marchant came up with a brief thought:

"How can we get Cyanists to visit the cavern?"

followed by a novel idea:

"What if players formed the Cyan Logo, while humming the corporate theme song, maybe it would attract some unexpected visitors?!?"

This is something that has already been done in the past, sometimes with success (some Explorers may remember the Summoning Yeesha event in sil-oh-wet's Bevin during the GameTap Era).

Well, guess what??? Now it's time to make this vision into reality once again! The betting odds are against us, but  all we can do is try!

A planning session for this event will be held in Jamie Marchant's Hood on Tuesday, March 6th at 15:15 KI-time. Help map out this future event, or drop by just to talk , have some fun, and good times!

Perhaps one our many cavern D'niJ's may even be there to provide some tunes! You'll have to stop in for a visit to find out!!!

D'ni Location: 
Jamie Marchant's Hood
Date of the event: 
Marzo 6, 2012 - 15:15
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Cyan Worlds contributes code to Open Source CWE

Today Cyan Worlds, specifically Mark DeForest (a.k.a. Chogon), has committed some code to the CWE and MOULSCRIPT repositories (which are the places where the code of the Client is kept).

This is the list of what updates were presented by JWPlatt on the Forums:

CWE Notes:
Added Donate button to the login screen
Added fixes from Christian Walther for the Python SDL tuples
Added plLocalizationEditor source and project

The Localization Editor has been added to the sources. This was unintentionally omitted from the original source distribution. Thanks Chogon!

Minkata Sparklie fix from D'Lanor. This is in concert with Cyan's internal fix to Minkata.

As you can see there are some interesting things: first of all the long awaited fix of Minkata's Sparkly made by D'Lanor and Cyan Worlds. Then we can see a change in the Client itself for adding a Donate button to the login screen of MOULa (remember MOULa survives only with donations!), then a fix made by Christian Walther to the Python code and the Localization Editor, which apparently has something do to with the possibility of translating CWE content in other languages.

We would like to remind all of you that this is "only" a commit on the repositories where the code is kept, the MOULa program (client) has not yet been updated so you won't see these changes in MOULa yet. We will publish more news when this will happen, probably after the code has been tested.

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Myst to be ported to Nintendo 3DS

It has recently been found that Cyan appears to have plans to port Myst over to the Nintendo 3DS platform. Myst 3DS has been added to the Gamefly database with Maximum Family Games listed as the publisher.

Special thanks to Trekluver for finding the original article links and posting them in the MOULa forums.

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Robyn Miller on the MOUL forum

Robyn Miller ( is known as the co-founder of Cyan, and he was both the composer and a key collaborator for the games Myst and Riven.  Robyn moved on to non-gaming projects after Riven was released and has never been involved in Uru.  Now, thanks to MOUL forum member Miranda2, Robyn has joined the Myst Online forums to discuss the Cyan logo animation that he created and his perspectives on the "Stranger" mythos that evolved from Myst and Riven's casting into the role of historical events in the greater context of Uru.

Genesis of the Cyan Logo Sequence:

Who Really is The Stranger?:


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Interview with Rand Miller

Today we had a wonderful Live Chat with Rand Miller on Skype during Mysterium where he replied to a lot of Fans Questions, told us about the state of Cyan and made us laugh a lot; we even got a nice view of his office and his fireplace.

Watch the Video

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